Sapphire Panther

Current lowest buyout:

25900 G 75 S 00 C

Cheapest acquisition cost:

craft for: 23850 G 26 S 00 C

Acquisition steps:

Vendor buy 1x Orb of Mystery for 20000 G 00 S 00 C

Auction buyout 20x Alexandrite for 260 G 40 S 00 C

Flip Spirit of Harmony into Golden Lotus

Craft Alexandrite and Golden Lotus into River's Heart

Auction buyout 48x Black Trillium Ore for 671 G 52 S 00 C

Auction buyout 48x White Trillium Ore for 626 G 88 S 00 C

Craft Black Trillium Ore and White Trillium Ore into Trillium Bar

Craft Trillium Bar into Living Steel

Auction buyout 2x Serpent's Eye for 151 G 96 S 00 C

Craft Orb of Mystery and River's Heart and Living Steel and Serpent's Eye into Sapphire Panther