Enchanted Elementium Bar

Current lowest buyout:

4797 G 00 S 00 C

Cheapest acquisition cost:

craft for: 4177 G 83 S 00 C

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Acquisition steps:

Auction buyout 1x Elementium Ingot for 155 G 97 S 00 C

Auction buyout 10x Arcane Crystal for 4000 G 00 S 00 C

Auction buyout 10x Thorium Ore for 10 G 00 S 00 C

Craft Thorium Ore into Thorium Bar

Craft Arcane Crystal and Thorium Bar into Arcanite Bar

Auction buyout 1x Fiery Core for 2 G 86 S 00 C

Vendor buy 3x Elemental Flux for 9 G 00 S 00 C

Craft Elementium Ingot and Arcanite Bar and Fiery Core and Elemental Flux into Enchanted Elementium Bar