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Vial of the Sands

Current lowest buyout:

47898 G 86 S 00 C

Cheapest acquisition cost:

craft for: 39337 G 68 S 00 C

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Cheapest acquisition steps

Vendor buy 8x Sands of Time for 21600 G 00 S 00 C

Auction buyout 12x Truegold for 10809 G 84 S 00 C

Auction buyout 8x Flask of the Winds for 983 G 28 S 00 C

Auction buyout 8x Flash of Titanic Strength for 976 G 00 S 00 C

Auction buyout 8x Deepstone Oil for 468 G 56 S 00 C

Vendor buy 1x Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial for 4500 G 00 S 00 C

Craft Sands of Time and Truegold and Flask of the Winds and Flash of Titanic Strength and Deepstone Oil and Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial into Vial of the Sands

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